Is our focus on where we work misplaced?

Today, I want to share an interesting article I came across from Gallup, titled “Are Remote Workers and Their Organizations Drifting Apart?”

The article states that employee engagement in America is on the rise. But there’s a red flag: Remote workers appear to feel increasingly disconnected from their organization’s mission and purpose.

Why is this a concern? Well, according to the article, it can impact job performance and employee loyalty. Therefore, managers are advised to “hold one meaningful conversation per week with each employee” to keep them engaged.

I find this fascinating. I don’t understand why we’re so focused on where people perform their work. If people’s engagement in their organization is so profoundly affected by where they sit and perform their work, then what does that say about the mission and purpose of these organizations?

I believe the unspoken issue here is the fact that most organizations have uninspiring goals and visions.

You can’t engage people by simply stating what you want to achieve. And repeating the mission over and over again won’t change a thing. To engage employees, they must genuinely feel that the mission and purpose are meaningful.

The problem here is not where we work but how emotionally attached we feel to the vision, goals, and purpose. That should’ve been the focus of this article.

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