Unleash the Power of Natural Followership

We redefine what it means to be a leader and a follower.



Without followers, there are no leaders! Yet most people are only interested in leadership. People spend years studying how to lead, but not a day on how to follow. Companies invest billions on leadership development but won’t spend a dime on developing followership. This means people know very little about followership.

With such limited knowledge about followership, how do we know that leaders and not followers are the key to success? After all, there are no leaders without followers. 

Are you disappointed by the lack of results or profitability?

Do you want to unleash your team’s creativity and ignite innovation?

Are you grappling with conflicts, passive behavior, and a lack of accountability within your team?

A power mightier than any form of leadership

I’ve spent almost two decades studying how and why people follow leaders in natural settings. That is, in settings where people are free to choose who they want to follow, when they want to follow, and for how long.

This work has led me to the discovery of “natural followership” as well as a collaborative process I call “collaborationship.”

There’s power in natural followership. When unleashed, it’s far stronger than any form of leadership. To unlock this potential, we must not only understand the evolutionary origins of natural leadership and followership. We must also let go of traditional leader and follower myths.

In April 2024, I was awarded the Followership Award of Distinction at the Global Followership Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Are you curious enough to explore the world from a follower’s perspective?

Are you ready for a journey that will change the way you view of the world?

Winner of 2024 Followership Award of Distinction

Natural Followership and Why it is Important

This article was published 2024 in Developing Leaders Quarterly 

“Since the early 1900s, the idea of leadership has infiltrated every facet of society. It is sought after, trained for, discussed, and analyzed everywhere – from business and politics to sports and arts. But what is a leader? What is the official definition? If you don’t know, it is because there isn’t one. Scholars and experts cannot agree on what a leader is. The only thing they agree upon is that leaders are important. Yet, how do we know leaders are important if we don’t know what a leader is?”