Followers are not sheep

In the previous post- what do we know about followers – I mentioned that no one wants to be a follower. The reason is that followers are often associated with sheep. Now, believe me, that’s not meant as a compliment.

For some reason – and I don’t know why – sheep are regarded as stupid. They are considered so dumb, that they’ll die unless someone manages them. In all honesty, this is just mean. What did sheep ever do to us? In fact, as far as I know, sheep are rather smart.

Anyway, as to followers, they’re definitely not stupid. Nor are they puppets who simply obey someone else’s orders. As we’ll come to see, when we truly follow someone, we can create a power so strong it can overthrow governments, bring companies great success, and turn a young girl into a global climate leader.

So no, followers are not sheep. 

The way I see it, they’re heroes.

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